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Doctoral Education Day @ LTH – An inspirational afternoon on doctoral studies and supervision

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From: 2022-09-29 13:15 to 17:00 Seminarium

Join, learn and interact during this inspirational afternoon with sessions on support functions, mobility, career and innovation. Networking and fika is included of course!

The programme starts of on topics for both PhD students and supervisors, and is then divided into two parallel sessions.

Where: Gasque, Kårhuset LTH

When: September 29, 13:15-17:00 


Plenary Session (Gasque, Kårhuset LTH) 

Welcome (13.15)
Martin Tunér, vice-dean LTH

Stay on top of the latest regulations (13.20)
Migration regulations, Covid-19 extensions, midterm review, final ISP, dissertation, departmental duties & positions of trust
Maria Bajuk, Christina Åkerman, Erik Kvist and Martin Tunér

The new PhD-Web – where, what and how! (13.40)
Emelie Stenborg

I need help! Where can I find it? (13.55)
DOMB – Haro de Grauw / TLTH – Henrik Palme / LTH – Kristina Forss

Inspiring doctoral education at Immunotechnology (14.05)
Doctoral student Linnea Thörnqvist and supervisor Mats Ohlin share insights on what makes a successful doctoral education

Practical mobility – a journey to wisdom and important new friends (14.25)
Doctoral student Pei-Yu Wu talks about her mobility and Christina Grossman (ER) discuss how to set up a mobility

Doctoral student session

(Gasque, Kårhuset LTH)

Start and end your doctoral studies successfully (15.00)
Three doctoral students, Ilayda Yaman, Oskar Ström and Joana Campos discuss on info overload, stress for not understanding, and how to get on top of it all

PhD Career – I was once a doctoral student, now I recruit them! (15.20)
What I am looking for in PhD´s: Mikael Nilsson, Volvo Cars

Starting my innovation company for the benefit of myself (and the world) (15.40)
Malin Sjöö (Smile) discuss challenges and opportunities with Niklas Nilsson at LU-innovation

Supervisor session

(Hörsalen, Kårhuset LTH)

I want  you and me to be successful (15.00)
Helle Rootzen (andhero) discuss difficult situations and challenges, and how to deal with those to reach success

Engineering or Research? (15.20)
Emelie Engström reflects on Design science as a framework for balancing theory and practice in postgraduate education

The research supervisor we’d like to be (15.40)
A mutual interview between professor Öivind Andersson and study director Anders Ahlberg

For all

Networking – share your challenges and ideas with peers

Plenary Session (Gasque, Kårhuset LTH) (16:20)
Q & A and final remarks


Registration closes on September 26.

Registration for the Doctoral Education day @ LTH (form, new tab)

Om händelsen
From: 2022-09-29 13:15 to 17:00

Gasque, Kårhuset

martin [dot] tuner [at] lth [dot] lu [dot] se

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