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Welcome – the world comes together at LTH!

LTH is a place for dreams and discoveries, and one of our strengths is that we all have different backgrounds, writes Annika Olsson, Dean of LTH.

– Published 30 August 2023

Students behind lavender flowers.
That we have different backgrounds is a great asset as we build knowledge together, trying to solve problems and societal challenges in technology, design and architecture, writes Annika Olsson. Photo: Charlotte Carlberg Bärg

Thank you all for choosing LTH and coming to Lund from near and far to give yourself an education! Thank you for bringing the world to us and for sharing your different experiences and knowledge. We at LTH are ready to give you new experiences and an education that is much needed in our society.

The full blog post "Welcome – the world comes together at LTH" by Annika Olsson, Dean of LTH