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Time for the year's new Doctors to be adorned with hat and ring

Doctoral Conferment Ceremony on 3 June with 52 new doctors, three honorary doctors and two jubilee doctors from LTH. In a solemn ceremony in Lund Cathedral, the doctoral students who completed their research studies in the past year and successfully defended their doctoral theses at Lund University will have their degrees conferred. The ceremony will be livestreamed from 12.00.

– Published 2 June 2022

Newly promoted LTH Doctors from the Extraordinary Doctoral Ceremony on 6 May 2022. Photo: Jonas Andersson

The Doctoral Conferment Ceremony is LTH’s most important academic celebration. The doctoral graduates who completed their research studies and successfully defended their theses at Lund University the faculties during the past year receive their degrees at a solemn ceremony in Lund Cathedral. The insignia, the diploma, the hat (or the laurel wreath) and the ring, are the honorary symbols of the Doctoral degree. At the ceremony, degrees are also conferred on the faculties’ Honorary Doctors. Doctors who completed their PhDs 50 years ago become Jubilee Doctors.

The procession departs from Universitetshuset to the Cathedral at 12.00. The ceremony will take approximately three hours and the procession is expected to return to Universitetshuset sometime between 3 and 4 pm. The public is welcome to watch the procession to/from the Cathedral, but the ceremony itself is only open to specially invited guests.

The Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony begins with the Vice-Chancellor’s speech, followed by the degree conferment of the nine faculties where the new doctoral graduates are promoted. The entire promotion ceremony is conducted in Latin and includes a cannon salute, a tribute to the doctors, performed by the Wende artillery regiment.

After the ceremony, one of the new doctors gives a speech – an oration – to the university. Bishop Johan Tyrberg concludes with a prayer in Latin.

Lund University has been holding doctoral degree conferment ceremonies since 1670. 

Livestream of the ceremony

The Doctoral Conferment Ceremony at Lund Cathedral will be livestreamed, starting at 12:00 CEST. The livestream will not be available for viewing after the ceremony. 

Livestream link (YouTube)

More information about the Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony – on Lund University's website

Honorary Doctors

LTH has awarded three honorary doctorates for 2022, Dana Cuff, John C. Doyle and Nils Hannerz.

Dana Cuff is a professor and researcher in urban architecture at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she also founded and directs a think tank for architecture and urban research focusing on the 21st century world metropolis and how this can evolve towards more sustainable and equitable living environments. 

John C. Doyle is a professor and researcher at the California Institute of Technology with a focus on dynamic control systems. He is the author of leading textbooks and his contributions for LTH have included numerous visits, seminars and courses in Lund. 

Nils Hannerz is Head of Research and Innovation at IKEM (Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden). Nils Hannerz has promoted LTH's positions in circular and bio-based economy and nanotechnology.

Jubilee Doctor

Jubilee Doctor, or doctor jubilaris in Latin, is a title bestowed upon doctors who earned their PhD degrees at Lund University fifty years previously. During the Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony, they are handed a new diploma.

Åke Månsson and Krister Mårtensson will become Jubilee Doctor’s at LTH.

52 Doctors

LTH congratulates the following 52 Doctors who will receive their Doctorates on 3 June 2022

  • Josefin Ahlqvist
  • Malin Aldenius
  • Malin Alsved
  • Emma Arvidsson
  • Ida Arvidsson
  • Soheila Bahrami
  • Modest Baruti
  • Ulrik Berggren
  • Pamela Canaviri Paz
  • Karin Carlqvist
  • Tomas Ekström
  • Anders Ericsson
  • Gabrielle Flood
  • Tove Frykmer
  • Marcus Grei
  • Louise Gren
  • Per Gustafson
  • Martin Heyden
  • Lukas Hrachowina
  • Marc Isaksson
  • Anton Karlsson
  • Khashayar Kazemzadeh
  • Karin Kettisen
  • Xiufei Li
  • Yang Liu
  • Johan Lundgren
  • Fredrik Lundström
  • Anette Löfstrand
  • Alexios Matamis
  • Dauren Mussabek
  • Sara Månsson
  • Mike Olsson
  • Yuliya Omelekhina
  • Michael Persson
  • Jasper Peschel
  • Jens Portinson Hylander
  • Yuanxin Qi
  • Maria Ruchkina
  • Shokoufeh Salimi
  • Par Samuelsson (absens)
  • Ulrika Sandén
  • Sudhakar Sivakumar
  • Per Skarin
  • Ilse Svensson de Jong
  • Alfred Söderberg
  • Grant Thamkaew
  • Sandra Török
  • Elisabeth Uhlig (absens)
  • Eva Undvall Anand
  • Sven Wernersson
  • Shijie Xu
  • Alfred Åkesson
Doctor's hat. Illustration.

Doctor’s hat

The Doctor’s hat symbolises freedom and power. It is covered with black, pleated fabric. The theology hat features a black bow, while the other faculties’ hats have a gold buckle at the front specific to the relevant faculty. LTH's doctoral hat has LTH's former square-triangle-circle emblem.

Doctor's ring. Illustration.


The ring is made of gold and symbolises loyalty to science. The ring is handed out to all new Doctoral graduates and to the Honorary Doctors. The rings are marked with a symbol specific to the relevant faculty. LTH's Doctoral ring is adorned with a pattern of the triangle and square, and the circle of LTH's former emblem is also printed in the ring's shape. The ring was designed in 1967 by silversmith Birger Pellas when LTH was still an independent university.

Diploma. Illustration.


The diploma was at the outset a written confirmation of the rights awarded to Doctoral graduates. The diplomas distributed to the graduands in the Cathedral are in Latin and carry the University seal. Previously, the diplomas were handed out by a young boy representing the god Apollo. As the graduands became more numerous, the task became overwhelming for a five-year-old so a ceremonial officer took over.