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“The culture is important from day one”

When we all contribute to a good culture at LTH – through respect for each other’s differences and with a constructive spirit in different collaborations – we can also make a big difference to society, writes the Dean of LTH Annika Olsson in a welcome greeting to LTH’s students.

– Published 2 September 2022

Student in front of the library Universitetsbiblioteket, UB3.
The Dean of LTH welcomes the students with reflections on fellowship and respect – and with tips on some autumn experiences for those now starting their studies in Lund or Helsingborg. Foto: Apelöga

There is certainly something in the air, perhaps you are also noticing it in the city – a ripple of joy and expectation as the autumn semester starts. And it is certainly apparent in Lund when the entire city is thronged with new, expectant students.

On LTH’s campus, where we have just welcomed those of you who are new LTH students, there is now life and activity. It is equally satisfying to see on campus those of you who have been with us for a year or more and know that you are back to continue learning, but also to help all the new students to have a good introduction to student life and studies.

Together with the Assistant Dean for First and Second Cycle Studies, Kristofer Modig, I have spoken to an audience of newly enrolled students and I concluded by talking about something that I think is extremely important:


It concerns the culture that we create together here at LTH.

I want to emphasise that LTH is to be permeated by a culture in which everyone feels involved and secure – and where we treat each other with respect. That culture is important from day one for new students and throughout your education – and for all of us who work at LTH.

When we all contribute to that culture – with respect for each other’s differences and with a constructive spirit in different collaborations – we can also make a big difference to society. LTH is a place for big dreams and discoveries, and here we explore and create together – for the benefit of the world.


In the autumn I will continue to work on issues concerning LTH’s collaboration with the private sector – for the benefit of our students and society as a whole. Through good collaborations with business and industry, LTH’s students come into contact with future employers, who are involved throughout the programme to challenge and enrich the students.

Through long-term and valuable collaborations, we also advance further regarding the issues and challenges that both LTH and our partners want to help solve. And when we do that together – and stretch ourselves – we make better progress and achieve better solutions that we would have done working alone.


The knowledge, creativity and ability to collaborate that exist among LTH’s engineers, architects and industrial designers are needed, because there are many problems and societal challenges that require resource-efficient solutions that bring improvements for both people and the environment.  

I really hope that you will have a good start here at LTH, with many new acquaintances, and a fine autumn. In Lund, I hope that you will enjoy the Botanical Garden and also the University Library, which is especially beautiful in the colours of autumn leaves. If you are studying in Helsingborg, I hope that you will enjoy swimming in the sea for as long as it feels nice.

If you need support regarding your studies, or counselling, you can read more and find contact details via Do not hesitate to get in touch or ask for help!


Now, I would like to wish you a warm welcome to our communal and collaborative LTH. Don’t forget respect and fellowship – try to find new friends and be yourself – and enjoy the summer for as long as it smiles on us!


Annika Olsson

Dean of LTH


If you are finding it difficult to manage your studies, you are welcome to contact LTH’s study and career guidance service. If you are feeling lonely or unwell – contact the Student Health Centre at Lund University.

Study Guidance – on Student website LTH

Student Health Centre – on Lund University's website