Swedish Minister of EU Affairs paid NanoLund a visit

The semiconductor shortage was one reason why Swedish Minister of EU Affairs Hans Dahlgren recently visited NanoLund and the Lund Nano Lab.

– Publicerad den 29 October 2021

While in Skåne, Swedish Minister of EU Affairs Hans Dahlgren and his entourage particularly asked for visiting NanoLund – and had a close look at the Lund Nano Lab. Photo: Evelina Lindén

"We’ve been given a very fascinating description of how far ahead we are in Sweden and here in Lund, when it comes to research and development of the most valuable technologies we currently have: those of nano-scale components in semiconductors and other aspects of modern technology. If there is anything that can lead us forward – it is this research, there’s no doubt about that."

That’s what Swedish Minister of EU Affairs Hans Dahlgren says after visiting NanoLund. He and his entourage took a good look at the Lund Nano Lab alongside Jonas Hafström, chair of University Board, and Lena Eskilsson, deputy vice-chancellor at Lund University – and of course NanoLund’s director Anders Mikkelsen, co-director Anneli Löfgren, head of Lund Nano Lab Luke Hankin and professor of Nanoelectronics Lars-Erik Wernersson.

"I’m so happy that the research here in Lund receives quite an amount of EU money, because that’s proof of what we think is important – to invest European money in joint solutions not least in terms of research – is a very good start", says Hans Dahlgren.

In the video, Hans Dahlgren is interviewed about how the shortage of semiconductors can be solved and his impressions from his visit to Lund.