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Physicist, chemist and study techniques expert are LTH’s new honorary doctors

Eva Lindroth, professor of Theoretical Physics at Stockholm University, Sabeth Verpoorte, professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Groningen, and Björn Liljeqvist, study techniques expert and Mensa chairperson, have been named as LTH’s honorary doctors for 2024.

– Published 21 December 2023

Björn Liljeqvist, Sabeth Verpoorte and Eva Lindroth
Björn Liljeqvist, Sabeth Verpoorte and Eva Lindroth

Eva Lindroth is professor of Theoretical Physics at Stockholm University. In addition to being a highly cited and excellent researcher, she has been assistant supervisor for several LTH doctoral students, a frequent visiting lecturer and has included LTH doctoral students on courses at Stockholm University.

All in all, she has helped to strengthen LTH’s research profile and education for doctoral students in attosecond physics over the past ten years and contributed to the advancement of the research area, according to the nomination for the award.

Sabeth Verpoorte is professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

According to the nominators, she has achieved “outstanding research production within lab-on-a-chip and the microfluidics field” and is also a female role model as, in various ways, she has pursued the issue of female representation in scientific contexts.

What is her connection with LTH? In 2011 she was a Lise Meitner Professor based at the then Department of Electric Measurements, which is now called the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Since then, she has continued to teach on the course Lab-on-a-chip in Biomedical Applications.

Björn Liljeqvist, MSE, has made a name for himself as a lecturer and author in the area of study techniques. And it is for his efforts in study techniques that he has now been awarded an honorary doctorate. He is also the chairperson of Mensa International.

According to LTH’s study counsellors, who nominated him, he has had a positive influence on LTH’s engineering students. For more than 10 years, Björn Liljeqvist has regularly given lectures on study techniques for students and has consistently received positive evaluations. His efforts have helped to increase independence and confidence among the students.