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Dean's blog: International exchanges make a difference

At a time of global challenges, we need to examine complex problems from various perspectives and starting points – to find the solutions that work best. In that perspective, it is obvious that international connections formed by LTH students and staff lead to benefits for industry and society, writes Annika Olsson, Dean of LTH, in her blog.

– Published 21 December 2021

A world-class university, and a Faculty of Engineering that wants to contribute to a better world, need to recruit the best students and researchers, writes Annika Olsson.

About one-third of LTH students travel out into the world on internships and exchanges – and students from virtually all countries apply to LTH for a solid education. Many of our doctoral students and researchers have an international background. The international elements benefit the quality of degree programmes and research in several ways, writes Annika Olsson.

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