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Technical accessibility issues

On this page you will find an overview of all technical accessibility issues on websites run by LTH, Faculty of Engineering:

  • Some pages and features are not consistently described in links, references and headings.
  • Not all techniques are used in an accessible way. Among other things, our image carousels are not available for users with screen readers, people with cognitive problems or for people with concentration difficulties.
  • Problems using a keyboard:
    • buttons in image carousels cannot be accessed
    • focus is not always visually clear
    • some functions cannot be controlled on mobile phones and large screens
    • there is no shortcut past menus to the main content
  • In certain resolutions, the interface can not be displayed and used without having to scroll in more than one direction.
  • Screenreaders might read the website's mobile menu in the wrong order.
  • Sometimes contrasts between foreground and background colors are insufficient.
  • Some image maps lack text descriptions for both links and images.
  • Link groups and information areas are not always grouped.
  • Screen reader users may experience problems with pages that contain more than one language. Some of the content is then pronounced in the wrong language.
  • Information that is automatically retrieved from external websites is sometimes inaccessible.
  • Some tables and forms are inaccessible to, among others, screen reader users.
  • Some headers and heading structures are inaccessible.
  • Some images will not be correctly recognized by screen readers.
  • Some menus may be difficult to use.
  • Screen reader users may experience problems with the website’s search function.
  • Some lists are coded incorrectly and/or used in a wrong way.

We aim to resolve all known technical accessibility issues by autumn 2022. 

For an overview of a website's editorial accessibility issues, please check the specific website's accessibility statement.

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