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Innovation in Mind 2013 focuses on trends and changes that influence our ways of working, organizing and interacting with the world around us. The event targets the ”thinkers, doers and movers” of today and tomorrow,...[more]


The spring semester is officially over – only exams and exhibitions still to complete. Once they are all done, summer and new experiences are just around the corner. I have said a number of times that you are ’too good’, since...[more]


Sweden is the 'best' provider of higher education in Europe, second only to the U.S. in the world, a global study has found. Sweden maintained its ranking from last year, and performed strongly in some key areas: - research,...[more]


There is an air of tradition as we gather here in the university auditorium. Although LTH is only 50 years old, the university as a whole is nearing the ripe old age of 350. Our role in society has always been that of knowledge...[more]


In a supplementary budget, Lund University is receiving 9.5m SEK earmarked for engineering and nursing programmes. With this addition for this year and the next, we will be able to balance our over production within our...[more]


Our strategic plan states that excellence is a product of breadth. In English I normally say that we are a comprehensive faculty within a comprehensive university. The latest national university ranking ‘Urank’ supports both of...[more]


Since the start of this year we have been discussing our core values. What do we mean by that?Our strategic plan describes our core values in the following way.. Read the full post[more]


Diversity and equality among staff and students contributes to a pleasant working environment and high quality work throughout the workplace. These principles act as beacons for us, and are included in our strategic plan. We have...[more]


Ever since the day when mobile phones were used exclusively for talking, mobile technology has continued to develop at a rapid pace and evidence suggests this is still only the beginning. Today, completely different industries –...[more]


Ever since the day when mobile phones were used exclusively for talking, mobile technology has continued to develop at a rapid pace and evidence suggests this is still only the beginning. Today, completely different industries –...[more]


As of this week we have a new Head of the Faculty Office at LTH – Fredrik Palmqvist. Fredrik is an LTH alumnus, and comes to us directly from SonyMobile. Most of us will have an opportunity to meet him during his induction...[more]


Last week the Board held a two-day meeting. We hold a longer meeting at some point each year in order to have time to discuss strategy, and to follow up on our strategic plan. At the meeting last week we saw a presentation of the...[more]


Marketing has become a natural part of our everyday lives – an understandable phenomenon in a society based on the principles of supply and demand. What makes it difficult is when government bodies or state-run organisations...[more]


Christmas is now just around the corner. We have celebrated Lucia, and maybe even had a sneaky taste of the Christmas buffet. We are always particularly busy as the school term comes to a close, and every year feels busier than...[more]


The final board meeting of 2012 will take place on 14 December. The supporting information for this meeting has been particularly well prepared as we will be finalising our budget for next year. Many staff members have been...[more]


Two young researchers, Kimberly Dick Thelander and Johan Malmström, at the Faculty of Engineering LTH, are among the first Wallenberg Academy Fellows. 25 young researchers have been selected to receive funding enabling them to...[more]


A completely new method of manufacturing the smallest structures in electronics could make their manufacture thousands of times quicker, allowing for cheaper semiconductors. The findings have been published in the latest issue of...[more]


I normally end many of my speaking engagements with the words ”LTH is doing well”. Unfortunately, we are doing far too well, which is causing us some problems at the moment. Lately we have tried to explain this paradox to...[more]


Region Skåne recently gave Sven Otto Littorin (former Labour Minister for the Swedish Conservative Party) the task of saving telecom jobs in Skåne, in response to the recent Sony Mobile redundancies. His suggestion of creating a...[more]


This question has been given extra attention recently, due to the Research and Innovation bill presented by the Swedish government, which allocates money in the budget for the specific purpose of hiring top researchers. The...[more]

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