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Lund University has strengthened its position as a world top 100 university, with a 67th place ranking in the 2013 QS World University Rankings, released today. Lund’s four-notch improvement places it safely in the global top 100...[more]


Five quick questions to Stefan Lechtenböhmer, Director of Future Energy and Mobility Structures at Wuppertal Institute in Germany, currently doing guest research at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. Stefan...[more]


Vattenhallen Science Centre LTH at Lund University has received a development grant of SEK 4 million from the Färs & Frosta Savings Bank Foundation. The money will be the first contribution to a planned extension, which will...[more]


Last week we welcomed around 1,300 new students to LTH and Lund University. Like last year, we have had many more applicants than we can accommodate. The difference this year is that we had more last minute drop-offs, which meant...[more]


Hi!My name is Anders Axelsson, and I am the Dean of LTH – Lund University’s faculty of Engineering. I’d like to welcome you all to LTH, Lund University and Lund itself! LTH is a part of Lund University This means that you have...[more]


Many of us are back at work after enjoying a summer that treated us to weather and temperatures we normally have to go abroad to experience. Diaries and email inboxes are slowly beginning to fill up again, but we won’t feel the...[more]


Our ethical dilemma lies mainly in that we cherish the academic integrity within the scientific world. LTH was first out to implement a policy for academic integrity. We strongly maintain that students and researchers have...[more]


As usual I am trying to clear my desk before the summer holidays, forgetting that in doing so, I am sending things on to others who are already off enjoying the sunshine. While all of this is going on, the last week before the...[more]


TLTH (our faculty’s students’ union) elect new leaders every six months. During the past year, those of us in the LTH management team have gotten to know TLTH’s management team quite well – after all, we see each other every...[more]


During four days over the previous weekend, LTH hosted this years’ NORDTEK conference ( This means that we were visited by 23 other higher schools and universities within the field of engineering. NORDTEK is a...[more]


In an article published yesterday it was revealed that a small group of male students has been harassing other students. We have been aware over the past academic year that there is a group of male students who have caused some...[more]


There is always a lot to do at the end of the semester. Projects need to be reported on. Formal decisions must be taken in order to be put into effect during the autumn. And let’s not even mention the amount of work our students...[more]


The summer issue of LTH-nytt (LTH-news) is now available. The focus of this particular issue is on medical technology. Several researchers tell us about their work and what they hope to achieve. It is not just doctors who are...[more]


Innovation in Mind 2013 focuses on trends and changes that influence our ways of working, organizing and interacting with the world around us. The event targets the ”thinkers, doers and movers” of today and tomorrow,...[more]


The spring semester is officially over – only exams and exhibitions still to complete. Once they are all done, summer and new experiences are just around the corner. I have said a number of times that you are ’too good’, since...[more]


Sweden is the 'best' provider of higher education in Europe, second only to the U.S. in the world, a global study has found. Sweden maintained its ranking from last year, and performed strongly in some key areas: - research,...[more]


There is an air of tradition as we gather here in the university auditorium. Although LTH is only 50 years old, the university as a whole is nearing the ripe old age of 350. Our role in society has always been that of knowledge...[more]


In a supplementary budget, Lund University is receiving 9.5m SEK earmarked for engineering and nursing programmes. With this addition for this year and the next, we will be able to balance our over production within our...[more]


Our strategic plan states that excellence is a product of breadth. In English I normally say that we are a comprehensive faculty within a comprehensive university. The latest national university ranking ‘Urank’ supports both of...[more]


Since the start of this year we have been discussing our core values. What do we mean by that?Our strategic plan describes our core values in the following way.. Read the full post[more]

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