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If robots are to take over people’s jobs then they must become, well, more human! When it comes to learning from previous experience, fine motor skills and manual dexterity, today’s robots are far behind humans. However,...[more]


John B Anderson, professor in digital communication at the Department of Electrical and Information Technology, has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Press for the period 2012—2013. The appointment was announced in December...[more]


Tuesday, 10 January is Arrival Day at Lund University for students commencing their studies this spring. Some 500 exchange students and a few international masters’ students from all over the world will arrive in Lund for...[more]


I dessa Nobeltider passar det bra med att citera Tomas Tranströmer:  ”Två sanningar närmar sig varann.En kommer inifrån och en kommer utifrån och där de möts har man en chans att få se sig själv.”  Vi pratar...[more]


Renée Andersson, responsible for ethics and environmental issues at Indiska Magasinet (a high street chain), is one of three new honorary doctors at Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering. The others are Marcel Stive, professor...[more]


Two new engineering Master's programmes are being taught through the Faculty of Engineering (LTH). Food Innovation and Product Design (FIPDES) is a new Erasmus Mundus Master’s programme being offered in collaboration between...[more]


The New York Times has featured an article about the city of Lund in its travel section, published 23 September 2011. The New York Times article: A College Town with a bit of Viking Mayhem, written by Russ Juskalian, paints...[more]


We are proud to announce that Lund University has once again maintained its position as one of the world’s top 100 universities, with a ranking of 80th in the just released Times Higher Education World University 2011-2012...[more]


Textile dying is one of the most environmentally hazardous aspects of the textile industry. During dying, harmful chemicals that are difficult to break down are released, all too often into rivers and agricultural land. However,...[more]


In February 2012, the Governance Council of LTH will lay down the new strategic plan for 2012-2016. The work to formulate the new plan is steadily progressing. Now it is your turn to provide input for the final version. All LTH...[more]


Today, Tuesday 16 August is Arrival Day at Lund University. Some 1 500 students from all over the world will arrive in Lund for academic studies lasting up to three years. At the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) about 390...[more]


Prostate cancer that has become resistant to hormone treatment and that does not respond to radiation or chemotherapy requires new methods of treatment. By attacking stem cell-like cells in prostate cancer, researchers at Lund...[more]


Many people are careful to follow a low glycaemic index (GI) diet. However, the glycaemic index concept has some shortcomings, in the view of one young researcher, who has developed a complementary method, ‘glycaemic profile’ or...[more]


The researcher in question is Nadia Skorupa Parachin and the secret of her technique is enzymes that she extracted from garden soil. If ethanol can be successfully made from xylose then ethanol production could increase by over...[more]


On March 7, the Håkan Frisinger Foundation for Transportation Research will be presenting its scholarship for 2010 to Bengt Johansson, Professor at Lund university (LTH). The scholarship, worth SEK 250,000, will be awarded to...[more]


Lund University had by far the most international applicants of all the Swedish universities and university colleges when the application period closed in mid-January. Of the almost 7 000 non-European students who applied for...[more]


"We’re going to set fire to two trains. Then we’ll blow them up", says Daniel Nilsson. He is an associate senior lecturer in the Division of Fire Engineering and Risk Management at LTH and is working on a project to...[more]


Every time a car brakes, energy is generated. At present this energy is not used, but new research shows that it is perfectly possible to save it for later use in the form of compressed air. It can then provide extra power to the...[more]


In September a major anniversary will be celebrated in Lund. LTH will have been in existence for 50 years and this must be celebrated. At the centre of the celebrations is a person who has experienced all these years at close...[more]


The deadline for applications to international Master’s programmes in Sweden starting in autumn 2011 was 17 January. In total 25 094 international students applied to universities in Sweden, and Lund University received 9 100 of...[more]

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