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Registration of higher education pedagogical competence

All staff's qualification in pedagogy for higher education must be registered in Primula's "Competencies" (Primula is the system used by Lund university for staff and salary administration). It is important that the information is correct for all staff since the information in the system is used in, for example, service matters and serves as basis for various evaluations by the university.

Compulsory Higher Education Teacher Training (CHETT)

The courses included in this category of training and regulations regarding them can be found in the
Education plan for qualifying teaching and learning in higher education (PDF, 181.3 kB, new tab).

Registration of completed higher education pedagogical training at LTH

The courses passed at CEE are automatically registered by CEE in Primula.

Approval of higher education pedagogical training completed outside LTH

For courses taken at AHU, MedCUL or another faculty of Lund university are automatically registered by those. For other courses (i.e. taken at other higher education institutions), CEE will determine whether and to what extent they are taken into consideration. CEE is also in charge of the registration itself.

Contact persons: Åsa Ahnfelt, email: or Roy Andersson, email:

Missing higher education pedagogical training in Primula

Contact CEE if you are missing any higher education pedagogical training courses which should have been registered in Primula.

Contact persons: Åsa Ahnfelt, email: or Roy Andersson, email:

Retrieving a "Competencies" list in Primula (at the department)

"Competencies" are not yet available through Primula Webb, which means that employees are not able to currently control their competencies themselves. Department staff with access to Primula Client can, however, seek out the information regarding both the competencies of individuals and entire departments. 

Instructions on how to retrieve a "Competencies" list (PDF, 41 kB, in Swedish, new tab)

Heads of department and department staff with access to Primula Client can contact Annika Diehl, email: to order "Competencies" list for their institutions.





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