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Science and Innovation Talks

Science and Innovation Talks are specially designed for strategically important business contacts to Lund University and intended to help companies with broad, internal exposure to relevant research areas, which can affect their organisation and employees on many levels.

This is done in an informative, interesting and entertaining way, often with two different speakers from different disciplines highlighting the same issue.

As a concept, Science and Innovation Talks was developed at LTH, Faculty of Engineering.

Sculpture Healing the Earth over E-huset, in a midnight blue sky.

Conversations to benefit society

Science and Innovation Talks are held for company employees to transfer knowledge between academia and industry.

The aim of these in-depth talks is to increase the number of contacts – and to develop cutting-edge skills for both parties, to benefit society.


Currently, LTH has Science and Innovation Talks with Tetra Pak, Alfa Laval and Fojab Arkitekter.

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