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Courses in Architecture

Admission requirements

  • A BA degree or three years of studies in Architecture.
  • Submission of following documents: a digital portfolio showing your best design works in architecture, a statement of purpose, and your CV.

Portfolio instructions

Follow the following instructions to create a neat, clear, and effective portfolio:

  • It should reflect the scope and variety of your previous training. You should submit work that represents your personal interests and abilities.
  • Include a brief description of the context in which each work is created to provide a clearer understanding (e.g. assignment settings, main objectives, requirements, prerequisites, design concept etc.) The portfolio should show how you carry out your research, explore a design project, and develop your ideas.
  • If a group work is presented, indicate clearly the role that you played in the project. If professional work is presented, indicate clearly your contribution to the project.

Digital portfolio requirements

  • Must be submitted as a PDF file not larger than 10 MB.
  • Include a statement of purpose (one-page maximum) describing your reasons for applying to exchange studies at the School of Architecture and your CV.
  • The file names must include your name
  • If possible, assemble all your projects into one portfolio file. If you must send more than one file, add a sequence number before the ".pdf" extension.

Courses – Spring 2024 (study period 3-4)

  • Check the Elective Courses from Programme A (23/24) (Course website LTH).
  • You can select courses that have a check mark (✓) in the column with the portfolio/suitcase icon. This indicates that the course is open for exchange students.
  • You are supposed to choose one design studio course (15 credits) together with the mandatory linked theory course (7.5 credits) and one optional course (7.5 credits). 
  • AAHN06 Advanced Architectural Design II +
    AAHN10 Integrated Design: Architectural Design - Structural Design
  • ASEN05 Spatial Experiments II + 
    ASEN15 Spatial Experiments II, Theory
  • ABVN02 Modernistics Architecture - Renewal +
    ABVN06 Modernistics Architecture - Renewal, Theory
  • ASBN16 Sustainable Urban Landscape + 
    ASBN11 Sustainable Urban Landscape - Theory and Methods
  • AFON30 Architecture as Temporal Landscapes
  • ABVN20 Architecture in Material and Detail II
  • ASBN26 Landscape Architecture and Gardens
  • ABAN15 Climate Smart Architecture and Urban Design
  • AAHN15 The Creative Tools of Architecture I
  • AFON20 Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
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