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How to apply

To apply for exchange studies at LTH, follow these steps:

Exchange studies nomination

  • Your home university must have a formal exchange agreement with LTH/Lund University.
  • Your home university needs to nominate you for exchange studies.
  • Once nominated, you can proceed with the application process.

English language proficiency

Application procedure

  • Apply via the International Office at your home university.
  • After selection and nomination by your home university, you’ll receive specific information about the application process for exchange studies at LTH.

Online application via SoleMOVE

  1. Your home university nominates you via SoleMOVE
  2. You'll receive an email from SoleMOVE with your log in credentials and instructions.
  3. Activate your account and start working on your application.
  4. You'll also receive an email from the International Office at the Faculty of Engineering with information useful to your application. 

The application periods for nominated exchange students are:

  • Autumn semester (September-January) and academic year: 1 April- 15 April
  • Spring semester (January-June): 1 October- 15 October

Completing your online application

Step #1 - Relevant documents

- Submit all documents in English.
Label documents before uploading them in SoleMOVE (e.g., First name_Last name_Transcript of records.)
- Required documents include: 

Copy of the page in your passport with your personal data and photograph or copy of your European national ID card.

Stating your educational background and work experience.

Motivating your exchange, why you have chosen Lund and your career goals. Maximum one page.

Verified copy of your transcript of records in English, in PDF, that is a list of completed courses at university level, from both bachelor’s (for example bachelor’s certificate, classes préparatoire or similar) and master’s level. 

If not included in the transcript of records, you should include a list of courses you are currently pursuing and plan to complete before starting your studies at LTH.

A document that provides information that you meet the course admission requirements.

Fill in the eligibility form below and upload it in your application. It should contain information regarding the courses that you have taken (or are taking) that are relevant as pre-requisites to LTH courses of your interest. Include all LTH requirements, both Admission requirements and Assumed prior knowledge. 

Mandatory for students that want to pursue courses in engineering.

Step #1 Read the Eligibility form instructions
Step #2 Fill in the Eligibility form

Required if you are applying to Architecture or Industrial Design courses:

Step #2 - Study plan

  • Create your Study Plan. Choose courses totaling up to 30 credits.
  • State at least one alternative per course.
  • A maximum of 15 credits can be taken at other faculties. 
  • Ensure that courses studied at Lund University can be included as an accredited part of your degree programme. Check with your home university to ask if credit transfer is permitted before coming to Lund.
  • Note that it's not possible to change courses after the semester has started. 

Information on how to create your Study Plan

Step #3 - Swedish, Introductory course for exchange students (SUSA) and mentor programme


Remember, it’s your responsibility to follow these steps and ensure a smooth exchange experience!

Grading Scales

Please note that no ECTS grades are awarded for any of the courses offered at LTH. 

Students with disability

Learning support to facilitate studies and compensate for challenges.

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