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Study plan

  • To be accepted for exchange studies at LTH, you must follow a full-time study plan of 30 credits each semester.
  • Aim for a well-balanced study plan with an average workload of 15 credits in each study period.

Course selection

  • Engineering students: You are allowed to combine courses freely from different engineering programs.
    • Verify the prerequisites and assumed prior knowledge for each course and prepare your schedule.
  • Architecture and Industrial design students: Follow the instructions regarding course selection and portfolio under Courses in Architecture/Industrial Design. 
  • Explore the available courses under “Find exchange courses” in the menu.

Confirmation and registration

  • Once your study plan is confirmed, you’ll be able to see the final course application result in SoleMove.
  • Approved courses will be registered in the Lund University study documentation system (Ladok).
  • Additional information will be provided after your arrival in Lund.

Academic calendar

The semester at LTH is divided into two study periods. Some courses are given over the whole semester, and most courses are only offered once a year. 

Autumn semester:

Study period 1 (sp1): September – October
Study period 2 (sp2): November – January

Spring semester:

Study period 3 (sp3): January – March
Study period 4 (sp4): April – June

Academic calender, specific dates (Student website LTH)

Course disposition

Sudy plan example. Desription in text below. Illustration.

The illustration shows an example of how you can divide your courses over a study year. One example is four courses á 7.5 credits per semester. Another example is one course á 15 credits, and two courses á 7.5 credits each per semester. A third option is two courses á 15 credits per semester.

Schedule clashes

Some clashes are fine while others are not.

This is how we recommend that you analyse your schedule:

  • Lab session
    Usually not a problem! Teachers book several sessions but you'll only lab once a week or so.
    Talk to your teacher on the first day of classes to get placed in the lab group that fits your schedule the best.
  • Lecture/exercise
    It's doable if it's only a few clashes all together, but not more than that.
  • Exam/presentation
     Absolutely no clashes allowed.

Course changes

  • Carefully plan your study choices, as the Faculty of Engineering LTH does not have an Add & Drop courses period.
  • Changes to the study plan for the semester after the deadline are generally not accepted.

Remember to discuss your course choices with your home university for validation before including alternative courses.


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