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PhD studies at LTH

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Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering and our world-leading research infrastructures, and join us in our efforts to solve the global challenges to benefit the climate, digitalization, industry, built environment and life.

Dreams and Discoveries - LTH's core areas

Highly ranked region in higher education

Through a doctoral program at LTH, you can develop your expertise and leadership skills in a globally top-ranked educational environment (according to U21) that is at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship, high housing standards, equality, security and sustainable development.

Over 50 third cycle study subjects

Our doctoral education programmes spans over more than 50 research areas, primarily within engineering, but also within science, architecture and design, and involves close collaboration with innovative start-ups and international corporations.

We continuously develop our research education to train our PhD students to develop their skills in research methods, paper writing, research presentation & communication, ethics, project management, teaching, cooperation & networking, fundraising and career development.

Third cycle study subjects

Successful career in academia and society

Our goal is to provide our PhD students with the best possible doctoral education for successful careers in academia and society, and by that also improve upon our research and our undergraduate education to the benefit of students, staff and partners - both nationally and globally.

We welcome applicants with strong motivation and capacity who are willing to match our aspirations and positive intentions for the benefit of the world and the future.

How to become a PhD student at LTH

Martin Tunér
Assistant Dean with responsibility for third-cycle studies at the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University


What does it mean to get a doctorate?

As a research student at a department, you are trained in a scientific approach to the world. It can be briefly described as that you get practice in thinking critically and analytically, that you get to solve problems independently with the help of the right method choice and that you get a research ethics awareness.

If you devote yourself to your full-time doctoral education, you will have completed a doctoral student in four years. The education consists partly of studies in the form of courses, seminars and conferences and partly of own research that will lead to your doctoral thesis. Throughout your studies, you will be guided by supervisors from the department. When you are halfway through your work, you can take a licentiate degree.

Current PhD students

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