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Degree projects

Invite a student to undertake their degree project at your company

Do you have a project in mind that would be suitable for a degree project? Would you like help finding a student who is interested in your idea? LTH would be delighted to assist you in realising your idea by connecting your company with our students and departments. To facilitate this, we first need a draft of your idea so we can market your project and identify the right student for you. This can be done in three steps:

Step 1: Formulate your degree project offer

Consider which questions you want answered or which problems you want to exemplify in the simplest possible manner. The important thing is that the degree project seems interesting, that it will benefit your company and is relevant to the student’s studies. For inspiration and to see how others have formulated their degree project proposals, visit the website CareerHub.

As an entrepreneur, you own the research question and problem formulation and know what the degree project is supposed to deliver. Once you have a student in place, it is appropriate to jointly review the conditions and your expectations of one another. You can then design the degree project together, although the company must ultimately decide on its direction.

Step 2: Publication

As the employer, you publish your degree project offer on the website CareerHub. You can find further information about CareerHub further down this page. Before work can begin on the degree project, it must be linked to a suitable department of LTH and a supervisor must be appointed.

Step 3: Linking to the department

A business coordinator at LTH will contact the relevant department of behalf of the company to find out whether anyone is available to supervise your project proposal and match it to an interested student.

Should your proposal be of interest to a department but require further development, the business coordinator will mediate contact with the institution to discuss the project further.

This how CareerHub works

The website CareerHub improves the ability of employers to target their proposals at Lund University students. CareerHub is a collaboration between Lund University and the reqruitment platform JobTeaser. The website offers a basic service free of charge, as well as a number of optional paid services.

You can easily upload details of degree projects, work placements/internships, trainee programmes and normal job vacancies to CareerHub free of charge. Learn more on the CareerHub website about optional services that can help you to identify and contact students using filters based on criteria such as education and skills. 

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