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Here we have collected frequently asked questions to the library. The questions are answered below.

Can't find the answer to your question? Ask us the question directly:

At the libraries

The LTH Library mainly consists of four libraries. These are the Library for Architecture and Design, the Library of E-huset, the Study Centre Library and the Civil Engineering Library. The Library of Mathematics is shared by LTH and the Faculty of Science.

It depends. We wish the Civil Engineering Library, the Library of Architecture and Design and the Library of E-huset to be food free areas but you are welcome to eat your lunch at the Study Centre Library. Beverages are ok at all libraries!

Yes, bags are welcome!

At the Study Centre Library there are several study places - for studying individually or in group. Next to the information desk is also a group of armchairs for reading.

At the Library of Architecture and Design there are study places along the windows with high stools. A few reading places and armchairs are also available. 

In the Civil Engineering Library's basement is a number of study places for individual and group work. Upstairs in the library there are a few study and reading places near the bookshelves. 

The Library of E-huset has reading places along the windows.



No, you don't have to think about the noise level any more than in any other public environment!

Yes, it is. Course books for LTH's basic courses are available at the Study Centre Library, the exception being the course literature relating to architecture and industrial design which is available at the Library for Architecture and Design. The Study Centre Library also has course books for advanced courses at M.

There are electrical outlets in connection to the study places/reading places in all LTH libraries. In the Study Centre Library, the sockets are only along one wall.

No, there is no function for booking study places at the Study Centre.

At the Study Center there are two printers just outside the library.

Inside the Library for Architecture and Design is a printer and also a scanner.

Inside the Civil Engineering Library is a printer among the bookshelves.

Campus Helsingborg has a library which also is for you LTH students whose education is located in Helsingborg. Of course, you are also welcome to visit the LTH libraries in Lund.

Campus Helsingborg's library website


It depends on what kind of book it is. If you do not return your borrowed course books on time, you will have to pay a late fee. Note that this only applies to course literature. The fee is SEK 10 per book and day and if you have a debt of SEK 100 or more, your library card will be blocked at all libraries at Lund University.

You can pay your debt yourself in LUBcat. Note that it is always your responsibility to return material on time, this applies even if you do not receive a reminder or a delay notification via email.

If a book has not been returned after 28 days after the end of the loan period, you will have to replace it. An invoice is generated and the replacement cost is SEK 600 per book.

Lending conditions for Lund University Libraries (PDF, 573 kB, new tab)

No, during staffed times it is also possible to borrow with a valid ID at the information desk. At all library loan stations - where you borrow on your own - the library card number is sufficient, so you do not need to have the physical card with you.

The loan period for course books is 14 days and for other books 28 days. Both course books and other books have five automatic renewals, so as long as no one is in the queue, the books will be re-borrowed automatically. Researchers have twelve automatic renewals on books.

No, it is completely free.

LUBcat is Lund University's joint library catalogue. The catalog contains, for example, books and magazines - both printed and electronic. In LUBcat you can search for a book you are looking for and see if it is available in a library at the university, you will also get information about where in the current library the book is located. You can also log in to LUBcat to see your loans, reserve books and pay any fees.

LUBsearch is a common entrance to the libraries' collective e-resources. If you search in LUBsearch, you will primarily find scientific articles and journals that you can often read electronically. You can read an e-resource directly on the screen or save it to your computer. If you are off campus, you log in with your student account to access the full texts, but you are able to search without logging in first.



To borrow from the libraries, you need to:

  1. Get your LU card - this is also your library card
  2. Activate your loan account in the library catalog LUBcat, to complete the activation, select borrower category and home library.

Login to LUBcat

The PIN code is emailed to your student email when you get your LU card. Check the trash can if you can't find it!

You can also find your code on the LU card website. Log in with your student account and click on "My PIN code" to see the code.

The LU card website

Via LUBsearch you can access a lot of the material in our databases, but not everything. Therefore, it can be useful to search a specific database within your subject. In our database list, Databases A-Z, you find the databases both alphabetically and categorized by subject.

Log in with your student account to access and search the various databases.


Databases A-Z

You can read e-books directly on the screen after you have searched for them in LUBcat, sometimes you can also download them in PDF form to your computer. Click the link for full text to read. You can also find our e-books via LUBsearch.

Log in with your student account in LUBcat and see which books you have borrowed, when they need to be returned, if someone is in a queue or if you have any fees.


Support and services

You are always welcome to visit us at the information desk during staffed hours, then together we can search for material that suits your task. If you want more extensive help, for example with your thesis, we recommend that you book a librarian. This gives the librarian, and you, time to prepare. The Book a librarian service can be carried out physically or digitally - you choose!

Information and booking form for Book a librarian

If you need quick help, you can always call us. Our phone is manned Monday to Friday, 10.00 - 15.00. Telephone: 046-222 48 25.

Contact information for the LTH Library

If the book is available for purchase and we decide that it may be of interest to more people, we can. Leave us a purchase suggestion and we will contact you!

Make a purchase suggestion

If you have, for example, dyslexia, a vision impairment or another disability that affects the ability to read, we can help you get access to adapted literature. This means, among other things, the possibility of listening to books or having speech synthesis software installed on your computer.

Information about and contact details for the library's reading and writing support

Två personer pratar med varandra i ett bibliotek. Foto Johan Bävman.

Book a librarian

Need extra help searching? Spend some time with one of our librarians.

New student

Are you a new student at LTH?

Biblioteksböcker och en kaffemugg ståendes i en bokhylla. Foto Johan Bävman.

Suggestions for purchase

Is there a book you think the library should have?

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