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LTH Faculty Board

LTH operations are led by a Faculty Board (SLTH), which is the highest decision-making body. The SLTH board has a joint responsibility to the Vice-Chancellor of Lund University for education, research, innovation and collaboration, quality and development work, faculty library, organisation, finance, staff, administration and information and communication issues at LTH. SLTH pays particular attention to the quality of education. 


The Faculty Board makes decisions on:

  • Overall goals and strategies for LTH activities.
  • Important organisational issues.
  • Budgets and establishing accounting procedures for the performance of the business.
  • Appointment of honorary doctors.
  • Establishment of procedures for the preparation of decisions on admission to education at research level. This right of decision must not be delegated.
  • The request for the establishment of educational programmes.
  • The establishment and abolition of subjects for research-level education.
  • Establish and abolish the main field of study at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Board members 2024-2026

  • Marie Sandin, Tetra Pak Sverige - Chair
  • Annika Olsson, Dean, Professor, Department of Design Sciences
  • Anders Heyden, Deputy Dean, Professor, Centre for Mathematical Sciences
  • Tobias Björklund, LTH Faculty Office
  • Andreas Ehn, Senior lecturer, Department of Physics
  • Sarah Fredriksson, Aquilion AB
  • Eva Frühwald Hansson, Senior Lecturer, Department of Building and Environmental Technology
  • Per Krokstäde, Business Development, Investment and Active Board Work
  • Malin Lindstedt, Professor, Department of Immunotechnology
  • Per Runeson, Professor, Department of Computer Science
  • Marie Wahlgren, Professor, Department of Process and Life Science Engineering
  • Mathias Wallin, Professor, Department of Construction Sciences
  • Anders Warell, Professor, Department of Design Sciences
  • Eva Westin, Administrative Manager, Department of Automatic Control
  • Fredric Ahrling, Student representatives
  • Ellen Belcher, Student representatives
  • Ashley Hall, Student representatives

Union representatives

  • Vakant, SEKO
  • Vakant, OFR/S
  • Fredrik Edman, SACO


Veronica Gummesson, Head of Faculty Office


Beatrice Nordlöf, Head of Management Support
+46 46-222 71 90

Minutes of board meetings

Copies of the minutes and attachments from the board meetings (in Swedish) can be obtained via the Secretary –

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