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News | LTH Profile Area: AI and Digitalisation

8 July 2024

A discussion on semiconductors was on the agenda in Almedalen. The dialogue, hosted by LTH at Lund University, addressed how Sweden can contribute to the efforts being made in Europe. One of the conclusions of the discussion was "the crisper the proposal – the more policy influence".

20 February 2024

Everyone is familiar with the frustration that comes when otherwise excellent mobile phone reception suddenly drops out. The moment when all mobile communication becomes impossible. But why does this happen and what is really behind the numbers 3G, 4G, 5G, and the 6G to come?

11 August 2023

Transistors that can change properties are important elements in the development of tomorrow’s semiconductors. With standard transistors approaching the limit for how small they can be, having more functions on the same number of units becomes increasingly important in enabling the development of small, energy-efficient circuits for improved memory [...]

7 June 2023

Reconfigurable transistors are key elements in the development of future semiconductors. As conventional transistors approach the limit of how small they can become, more functions in the same number of units will become increasingly important in developing small and energy-efficient circuits for better memories and more powerful computers.

21 June 2023

The LU tent will soon be raised in Visby for two days of panel discussions. The University’s programme for Almedalen Week highlights the global challenges we are facing – such as air pollution and food poverty. However, the programme also inspires hope of finding solutions in external engagement between academia and society at large.

7 June 2022

Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering, LTH, is now launching profile areas for its collective excellence in research. The areas are interdisciplinary and will contribute to increased collaboration with business and industry as well as wider society. Seven themes form the profile areas: aerosols, circular construction industry, energy transition, [...]

4 April 2022

Mathematics Professor Kalle Åström studies the future of agriculture with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). He develops mathematical models to optimise harvests and contribute to climate-friendly agriculture.