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Pedagogical courses

CEE is responsible for the qualifying education in Compulsory Higher Education Teacher Training (CHETT) at the Faculty of Engineering, LTH. The courses follow the nationally decided learning objectives around CHETT that the Swedish Association of Universities and University Colleges (SUHF) has adopted.

Education plan for qualifying teaching and learning in higher education (PDF, 181.3 kB, new tab)


  • The clickable course name in the table below indicates the language in which the course is given. For the courses that are sometimes given in Swedish and sometimes in English, both the Swedish and English course names are clickable with their own course dates.
  • In CEE's courses given in Swedish, you may always speak and write in English, but must understand Swedish sufficiently to read and listen.
    Course name
    Course start

    Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (3 weeks)

    Högskolepedagogisk introduktionskurs (3 veckor)





    Communicating Research (3 weeks/1 week)
    (Att kommunicera forskning)
    The course lasts 3 weeks, with 1 week corresponding to BHU
    Teaching, Learning and Supervision in Higher Education for  Adjunct Professors (1 week)
    (Högskolepedagogik och handledning för adjungerade professorer)
    On demand
    Developing and Leading Courses at LTH (3 weeks)
    (Att utveckla, leda och driva kurser på LTH)
    Readership Course (3 weeks)

    The Good Lecture (2 or 3 weeks)

    Den goda föreläsningen (2 eller 3 veckor)





    Teaching Sustainability (2 weeks)
    (Att undervisa hållbarhet)
    Utveckla din kurs med aktivt lärande (2 veckor)
    (Active Teaching and Learning to Develop Your Course)
    To be decided
    Supervision of Degree Projects (2 weeks)
    (Handledning av examensarbeten)
    Projektbaserad kollegiekurs (2 veckor)
    (Collegial Project Course)
    On demand
    Teaching Portfolio Workshop (1 week)
    (Workshop - Den pedagogiska portföljen)
    SoTL projektkurs (3 eller 5 veckor)
    (SoTL Project Course)
    To be decided

    Information about the courses

    For general information please contact Åsa Ahnfelt
    +46 46 222 69 14

    For more course-specific questions, please refer to the course syllabus or the contact person for each course (see course pages).

    All CEE courses are free of charge for LTH employees. It is also possible to take part in other courses, both within and outside Lund University, but then normally the course participant's department bears the course cost. The exception is if someone wants to follow a course whose equivalent is not in CEE's course offering, then there is the possibility CEE can take the course cost instead.
    Contact Roy Andersson, in advance to discuss the possibility.

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