Honorary Doctorates

The doctoral award ceremony is the major annual academic ceremony at which the University's faculties award and honour those who have completed a doctorate degree during the year. At the same time, other prominent individuals who are appointed honorary doctors are honoured. The new doctors are honoured with external signs of the doctoral dignity: diploma, ring, hat or laurel wreath – the insignia of the doctorate.

Through honorary doctoral appointments, LTH wants to strengthen the image of LTH as a prominent, modern and professional university that creates – to benefit the world. To be awarded an honorary doctorate from LTH is proof of great appreciation. It is not possible to be conferred an honorary doctorate from LTH if you already have a doctorate from the Lund University.

Honorary Doctorates 2020

Camilla Modéer

Camilla Modéer has for many years been involved in the research center NanoLund. For example, by chairing the NanoLund reference group and actively participating in annual scientific meetings and networking meetings with industry and the surrounding community.

"She also gives us valuable feedback in the ongoing fundraising campaign for the new Lund Nano Lab and has provided valuable contacts," says Heiner Linke, professor of nanotechnology.

Camilla Modéer is also a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), and a member of the steering group for the Technology leap (Tekniksprånget). Previously, she was a board member of LTH, a member of the steering group of the Swedish Industry Association (Sveriges industriförbund), and a co-founder of VA (Public & Science) and became its first director general.

Andreia Cathelin

Andreia Cathelin is a Technology R&D Fellow at the company STMicroelectronics in France where she works with the development and design of circuits for radio communications and systems with extremely low energy consumption. She has scientific excellence in a field relevant to LTH, according to Ove Edfors, professor of radio systems at the Department of Electrical and Information Technology. Andreia has for many years been involved in the department's research and education in her role as a board member of our Industrial Excellence Center in System Design on Silicon (SoS). She has also worked as a role model and her large international contact network has opened doors for new research collaborations. She has also contributed to unique opportunities for researchers at LTH to manufacture advanced integrated circuits.

Peter A. Vanrolleghem

Peter A. Vanrolleghem researches several types of water systems, including urban wastewater systems and their effects on lakes and watercourses, transport and recycling of nutrients, micro-pollution and greenhouse gas production from wastewater treatment plants - primarily through his expertise in the areas of modeling, regulation and simulation. This is also a strong research area at LTH.

"Vanrolleghem has been a regular mentor, inspirer and advisor at LTH for 20 years, and has altogether spent about 18 months with us on a pro bono basis." says Ulf Jeppsson, associate professor at the Department of Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation (IEA). "Among other things, he has participated in several research projects, supervised doctoral students and post-docs and produced a number of scientific articles together with several researchers from Lund University." 

Vanrolleghem is an internationally recognized name in the field of water research and is, among other things, a "fellow" in several international water organizations, such as IWA and WEF.

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