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Reading and writing support

If you have dyslexia, are visually impaired, have adhd or any other kind of functional variation we can help you get access to talking books and text-to-speech programmes.

Talking books

Talking books are produced by Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, MTM. The books are available for downloading or to stream in the catalogue Legimus. The library can provide you with an account for Legimus. 

Website of Legimus (in Swedish)

Text-to-speech programmes

Text-to-speech programme TorTalk is available on all campus computers. You can also download it to your own computer. TorTalk enables you to listen to all forms av digital text as well as e-books and articles. You can decide with speed to listen in and choose between 20 languages and 60 voices. 

The guide Talking books

The Lund University library have collected information on how to download talking books and other programmes in the guide Talking books. You can fin d neccesary installation keys in the guide. 

The guide Talking books - on the Lund University Library Guides website

Programmes on the computers

All campus computers are installed with:

  • Spell Right: spelling programme in English
  • TorTalk: text-to speech programme
  • EasyReader: reading programme for talking books

The guide Talking books - on the Lund University Library Guides website


For information on and help with the library resources contact librarian Linnea Dahlgren or librarian Hanna Dahlin.

Disability Support Services

To access other help available at the University please contact Disability Support Services.

Contact LTH Accessibility Officer Christina Rowa:

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