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Honorary Doctorates 2019

José van Dijck

Professor José van Dijck is appointed honorary doctorate for her outstanding achievements in the boundaries that exist between technology and social sciences.
From a humanist perspective, Van Dijck highlights the societal context for digital systems. With a good understanding of technical and economic conditions, she analyses theat created by society on and through global digital platforms and gives new perspectives on issues related to artificial intelligence, ethics and the complex relationship between news, social media and human actors.

Tord Kjellström

Professor Tord Kjellström is appointed honorary doctorate for outstanding research and dedicated dissemination of knowledge in areas related to climate, environment and global health.
Kjellström has worked for WHO, Sida and other organisations with issues of fair health. His pioneering work on the health effects of heavy metals has been translated into global recommendations and national occupational health and safety legislation. Kjellström’s ongoing research concerns climate change from a public health and socioeconomic perspective using studies of how working conditions, health risks and productivity are affected by increased exposure to heat.

Arne Staby

Dr Arne Staby is appointed honorary doctorate for his internationally successful and strategically important work within the subject areas of biological medicine and biotechnology.
Staby is a central figure in the international scientific community and works with global pharmaceutical companies to improve the safety and accessibility of biological medicines. His long-standing involvement in the collaboration with LTH has been very important for research in this field. Through clear communication with Lund University/LTH research, Staby has been an ambassador for the university and faculty in the important areas of life science and pharmaceutical production.

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