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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is concerned with the analysis and design of techniques for chemical processes. Knowledge is needed in most branches of industry and areas of production, not least to solve pressing environmental and energy problems.

The subject occupies about 65 employees. Most teaching is carried out within the programmes of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering and Civil Engineering.

A large proportion of the research at the Department is directed towards environmental and energy issues, including the production of fuel for transport from renewable raw materials. Other areas include catalysers, exhaust emission control, industrial drying processes, energy-saving separation methods such as membrane separation, and the treatment of industrial effluent and municipal wastewater with biological, chemical and physical methods.

Other areas of interest are combating acidification and the development of complex chemical processes for use in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and forest industries. An important area of research is the production of ethanol for transport made from forest waste.

Keywords: biogeochemistry, ethanol, bioethanol, catalysis, membrane technology, particle technology, process simulation, separation processes, system analysis, drying, wastewater treatment, water resources engineering, pharmaceutical technology

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