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Technology and Society

About 60 people are employed at the Department of Technology and Society. Courses are given mainly in the Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Cadastral Surveying, Architecture and Engineering Physics programmes.

Website of the Department of Technology and Society

Overview of divisions:

Environmental and Energy Systems Studies

Environmental and Energy Systems Studies places issues concerning energy and the environment in an interdisciplinary context. Research and teaching are carried out on the interactions between technology, natural resources, economics, politics, security and development. The activities can be grouped into technology and economics (analysis of various energy systems), prime movers and change, and resource use and environmental effects. 

Keywords: energy scenarios, policy analysis, energy efficiency, climate politics, bioenergy, life-cycle assessment, LCA, biogas, electricity prices/market, energy market, wind power

Website of the Division of Environmental and Energy Systems Studies

Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management is primarily involved in teaching for the Surveying programme. The subject deals with economic, legal and technical aspects of real estate, i.e. the creation of real property with regard to the pertinent legislation.

Keywords: property, cartography, surveying, land, plots

Website of the Division of Real Estate Management (in Swedish)

Transport and Roads

At the Division of Transport and Roads, both teaching and research are carried out in traffic engineering, traffic planning and highway construction. Traffic engineering deals with traffic safety, bicycle traffic, traffic models, traffic flow theory and traffic economics. Traffic planning is focused on public transport, the interaction of traffic and buildings, the traffic environment concerning the elderly and the disabled, and the environment. Highway construction deals with the design and building of roads.

Keywords: traffic, road construction, traffic safety, public transport, bicycle traffic, the elderly and disabled, exhaust, traffic engineering, traffic planning

Website of the Division of Transport and Roads

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