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Doctoral education support

CEE provides training for all doctoral education disciplines at LTH with an emphasis on degree outcomes established in the Swedish Ordinance of Higher Education. CEE also provides research supervisor training necessary to be appointed as a LTH Docent (Associate Professor), and local investigations that involve stakeholders engaged in doctoral education at LTH. CEE is thus involved in a range of aspects of doctoral education complementary to core academic activities of individuals, research groups and departments of LTH, including:

The development philosophy is inspired by that of the LTH Academic Development Unit (Genombrottet). The overarching strategy is thus to remain relevant and available to all involved stakeholders and to mediate a wider perspective on doctoral education beyond producing theses and doctoral diplomas. The doctoral education activities at CEE strive to produce and communicate local knowledge related to doctoral education, through course participant- and CEE-initiated investigations and documentation relevant to doctoral education at LTH.

Contact information

Anders Ahlberg
Faculty Study Director for doctoral education


+46 46 222 71 55
+46 761 368 290

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