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Library education

The LTH Library offers you as a teacher the opportunity to book library education in information searching, source criticism and reference management for your students. The goal is to strengthen the students' ability to think and act information literate, in their studies as well as as members of our society.

According to the Higher Education Act, education at basic and advanced level must develop the student's ability to independently search for and evaluate scientific information and the ability to follow the development of knowledge within their subject (Higher Education Act 1992:1434 § 8-9). In cooperation with the institutions, the library can contribute to the fulfillment of these goals.

The lectures are planned in cooperation with teacher and the best results are achieved if a lecture is linked to a task where the students must work independently with information search and references.


The library offers education in:

The information searching process

  • Search terms
  • Search skills
  • Structured search
  • Organizing and documenting the search process

The library's search services and how to access these

  • Subject databases
  • Citation databases 

How a scientific article is constructed

  • Review information, source criticism
  • Academic honesty and plagiarism


  • Reference management systems

Book library education

Book sessions in, among other things, information searching and reference management.

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