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Euro Nano Forum 2023

Macro of a silicon wafer. Photo: Laura Ockel on Unsplash.
From: 2023-06-11 17:00 to 2023-06-13 18:00 Konferens

Every second year, Euro Nano Forum brings industry, academia, policymakers, and other stakeholders together to discuss developments in nanotechnologies in an open forum. Thus, this is a conference that can build on an excellent track record and an interested audience. At NanoLund, we are proud co-organizers and hope to see you at this event.

Welcome to the Euro Nano Forum 2023!

The EuroNanoForum is a conference held every other year in the country currently holding the presidency of the Council of the European Union. This conference provides a forum for representatives from academia, industry and policy to engage in comprehensive discussions.

In 2023, the EuroNanoForum will be held in Sweden, from the 11th to the 13th of June, and our ambition is to organize a high-level, international conference and networking arena in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

EuroNanoForum 2023 will be a strategic conference focused on identifying policy options and priorities, and on planning future actions regarding European activities in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Advanced materials, innovation, sustainability, circular economy, and fossil-free energy will also be topics of strategic focus.

We look forward to seeing you in Lund in 2023!

Nanotechnology and Nanoscience for a Sustainable Europe

Session topics:

  • Green Energy – European sustainable energy harvesting, storage, and use
  • Nanomedicine – Nanomaterials to achieve innovation in healthcare
  • Semiconductors and new materials for future chips
  • Safe and Sustainable by Design & Environmental Nanosafety
  • European Flagships for an Innovative Europe
  • Quantum Technologies – Europe’s major role
  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing for a sustainable and resilient Europe
  • European Infrastructures – From fundamental science to industrial applications
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ENFs logo collage.jpg

Om händelsen
From: 2023-06-11 17:00 to 2023-06-13 18:00

LTH Campus, Kårhuset, John Ericssons väg 3

Gerda [dot] Rentschler [at] ftf [dot] lth [dot] se