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Organisational chart

Faculty Management and Board

The Faculty Management consists of the Dean, Deputy Dean, Assistant Deans, Head of the Faculty Office, and Head of Management Support.

The Faculty Management reports to the Faculty Board, which is the highest decision-making body at LTH.

The Council of Heads and Department forms the managerial link between the Faculty Management and LTH’s departments.

Faculty Office

The Faculty Office consists of:

  • Library
  • Computer Management Group
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Management Support
  • Service and Technology
  • Quality Support
  • The Educational Unit:
    • International Office
    • Programme Service
    • Student Service

List of Boards, Councils and Committees

  • Research Programmes Board
  • Research Board
  • Every building has its own Local Buildings and Facilities Board and Head of Building.  The board at Kårhus is called Kårhus Board. The Campus Board is responsible for LTH-wide matters related to buildings and facilities and reports to the Dean of LTH.
  • Education Board has the overall responsibility for education and reports to the Dean of LTH. Other positions and committees that have a link to the Education Board and to second and third-cycle education are: Programme Committees, Programme Directors, Area Responsibles, Student Wellfare Council and Industry Council/Programme Council
  • Board for Gender, Equality, Equal Opportunities and Diversity
  • Cooperation concerning health, safety and environment is organized at two levels at LTH. At faculty level there is a Departmental Health, Safety, and Environment Committee, and at departmental/local level there are several Local Health, Safety, and Environment Committees.
  • Two Academic Appointments Boards: Careers Board and Recruitment Board
  • Nominating Committee
  • LTH Business Council

Special Units

  • Centre for Engineering Education (CEE)
  • School of Industrial Design
  • LTH Science Centre
  • X-Lab
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