Courses in Engineering

Below you will find the engineering course catalogue, divided by the engineering programmes offered at LTH. In order to put together your study plan you might need to look at several of our programmes to find suitable courses.

Please note that:

  • a full-time study plan is 30 credits.
  • you need to build a balanced study plan, so make sure to aim at having 15 credits per study period.
  • you have at least one (preferably two) alternative course(s) for each main choice and don't list the same course as both a main choice and an alternative option.
  • your alternative courses should be in the same study period as your main choice. 
  • the courses you can select have a check mark  in the column with the portfolio/suitcase icon  . This indicates that the course is open for exchange students.
  • all submitted documentation should be in English.

Admission requirements

As an engineering exchange student you have the option of applying for courses from different programmes and levels, as long as you meet the prerequisites.

  1. Check the course syllabus for the admission requirements.
  2. Provide a document referencing which courses in your transcript of records/ongoing courses that are equivalent to the admission requirements found in the syllabus. 
  3. Provide us with links to course descriptions or syllabi for all courses in your transcript of records and ongoing courses.

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