Why work at LTH?

LTH is a place for dreams and discoveries. We create an environment that fosters groundbreaking research and inspires the development of creative engineering, architecture, and design.

At LTH, more than a thousand researchers work hard to make a difference in people’s lives and to ensure a more careful use of natural resources.

Every year, we publish about 100 dissertations and 1,700 scientific findings that pave the way for scientific discoveries and innovations that benefit the world.

At LTH we set world records in 5G technology and developed some of the most exciting innovations to date, such as solar-powered water purification, early cancer diagnosis, nanotechnology for more efficient solar panels, and a healthy oat drink.

LTH is part of Lund University. Being part of a comprehensive university allows us to pursue a wide range of research across disciplines and work together to explore and create innovation that positively impacts the world.

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