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Booking of lecure and meeting rooms - for teachers and employees

Here you find information on how to book premises for meetings, workshops or conferences. However, not all rooms are available in TimeEdit, but there may be other booking systems at your institution or equivalent. You also get information on, for example, financial authority, prices etc.

Book in TimeEdit

Both at LTH and in other parts of the university, premises can be booked or ordered in the system TimeEdit; the university's overall system for booking premises.

What you can book and order in TimeEdit is linked to your Lucat identity. This means that you can only see premises in TimeEdit that are linked to your institution or equivalent.

Booking in TimeEdit (log in with lucat ID required)

Financial Authority

To be able to book and order, as well as obtain information about premises that are not linked to your institution or equivalent, you must have financial authority. Financial authority means that you can book premises which entails a cost to your institution.

Read more about financial authority and how to apply

How do I book a room?

A clear guide on how to book a room in TimeEdit can be found at the TimeEdit Help Center:

How to make a reservation (TimeEdit support page)

NOTE! LU must also specify a booking string for booking of rooms that do not belong to their own institution. 

At the bottom of the booking page in TimeEdit (under "my bookings") you will then see a summary of the orders / bookings you have made.

Institutions / departments that have their premises in TimeEdit

At the TimeEdit webpage (login required) you can easily see how your premises are booked and book them. However, not for schedule bookings - for schedule bookings email us at the scheduling office:

Difference between booking and ordering premises

In TimeEdit there is a difference between "booking" a room and "ordering" a room. If your institution or equivalent owns a room in TimeEdit, you can book the room directly. Then you have booked the room and nothing more needs to be done. However, if your institution or equivalent is not the owner of the premises, you must place an order for the premises. An order request then goes to the owner who can approve or deny your order, respectively.

Once you have placed an order in TimeEdit you will receive a confirmation via email which has the following title in the Subject field "Order in TimeEdit", the room is specified as "Virt-XXXXX". When your order has been accepted or denied, a new e-mail with the following title "TimeEdit - New booking" and "TimeEdit - Denied booking" will appear.

Financial information when ordering a room

If you are ordering a room that does not belong to your institution, you must enter accounting information (from which the cost of a room is to be deducted). To do this, enter a posting string that contains:

  • cost center
  • operational department
  • activity

The accounting strings that are available for your cost center are already loaded into TimeEdit. If you are missing a posting string (frequently used) - contact the schedulers.

Book without financial authority

If you only need to make occasional bookings for rooms other than those associated with your institution or equivalent, you do not need to apply for financial authority. Instead, you can turn to the schedulers at LTH who can help you book the room.


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