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Welcome – the world comes together at LTH!

LTH is a place for dreams and discoveries, and one of our strengths is that we all have different backgrounds, writes Annika Olsson, Dean of LTH.

– Published 29 August 2023

Lavender in front of students on Campus.
LTH's campuses in Lund, Helsingborg and Ljungbyhed are buzzing with life, the semester has started. I hope you will feel that you have come to the right place, writes LTH's Dean Annika Olsson. Photo: Charlotte Carlberg Bärg

Registration and arrival acitvities at LTH – these are happy days when we welcome new students. Thank you all for choosing LTH and coming to Lund from near and far to give yourself an education! Thank you for bringing the world to us and for sharing your different experiences and knowledge. We at LTH are ready to give you new experiences and an education that is much needed in our society.

There is something special about autumn and the start of studies. Since I have experienced it before, I can recognise the expectations and the excitement when lively crowds of students arrive at Campus and teachers welcome new students to our programmes.

So, new student, here you are! I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to LTH, a fantastic place for dreams and discoveries, where we explore and create together to benefit of the world. And you are not alone, many people want to study at LTH, we have a good number of applicants and our programmes are filled with talented students from all of the world.

As Dean, I want to emphasise what I have also tried to convey when I met newly admitted students:

I am delighted that different people with different backgrounds come together at LTH. This is a great asset as we build knowledge together, trying to solve problems and societal challenges in technology, design and architecture. I want to encourage you to be curious about each other’s differences and competences, and I would like to emphasise that development and innovation often happen when we expose ourselves to different competences, experiences and disciplines, and when we explore new areas across these boundaries.

As a new student, keep in mind that it sometimes takes time to get to know new friends – here Teknologkåren (TLTH) does an important job to create many new contacts. I hope you will feel that you have come to right place. And don't forget that at LTH we always treat each other with respect! Regardless of background, experience and expertise.

Now you're in a learning environment that naturally requires a lot of hard and planned work to make sure you pass your programme – which will give you the opportunity to be the community builder of the future.

Wishing you a wonderful term!


Annika Olsson

Dean of LTH