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Dean's blog

2 December 2021

Ultimately, it is about creating an open and creative environment that attracts students and researchers, and where everyone can realise their potential. I have taken part in events which highlight the fact that currently more women than men leave academia after earning a PhD – and that it is thus harder for LTH to recruit women as lecturers and [...]

13 October 2021

Students, researchers, alumni, collaborative partners, innovators and innovation support representatives. Everyone in LTH's problem-solving community is needed as LTH brings together curious questions and the highest quality research to improve living conditions and find answers to challenges of all kinds. This is what LTH's Dean Annika Olsson [...]

2 September 2021

It is so heart-warming to see older students devote many hours of their spare time during the orientation period to make new students feel welcome and help them settle into their studies at LTH, writes LTH’s Dean Annika Olsson.

24 June 2021

We have seen that you have all persevered, and that you have not only struggled on your own but also helped each other through several challenges this spring. That's what LTH's Dean Annika Olsson and Deputy Dean Heiner Linke write in a summer greeting to LTH's employees and students.

4 June 2021

The Affiliated Competence project is coming to an end and LTH wants to continue using the model that provides individuals, companies, and academia a chance to increase our knowledge and sharpen our competence. We are seeing an impact that we could not have imagined when the project began, writes LTH's dean, Annika Olsson.

11 May 2021

The Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering (LTH) are creating a joint office for campus development. We hope that all faculties will get involved in Science Village and identify opportunities associated with the University’s establishment in the area, write Sven Lidin and Annika Olsson, the deans of the Faculty of Science and LTH [...]

29 April 2021

Seek help if you need it and help others if you can. Anyone who has good tips on how we can help and strengthen LTH’s community is welcome to contact us, write LTH's Dean Annika Olsson and Kristofer Modig, Assistant Dean for First and Second Cycle Studies.

13 April 2021

The engineering profession is not just for lone wolves, technology nerds or maths geniuses. Engineering programmes provide knowledge and skills that can be used to meet societal challenges and contribute to a better world. Don’t be scared to choose LTH’s programmes for engineers, architects or industrial designers, writes LTH’s dean Annika Olsson [...]

24 February 2021

Academia and industry need to collaborate and complement each other’s expertise, not least if we are to have a chance of achieving the Agenda 2030 goals, writes LTH Dean Annika Olsson.

26 January 2021

As 2021 begins, LTH’s new management team is ready to realise the vision “together we explore and create – to benefit the world”, by defining our strategic orientation and starting LTH’s development towards new goals. Together with the units, we will make LTH even better, more distinct and more visible, writes LTH’s new dean Annika Olsson.