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MAPCI in Silicon Valley


In the beginning of June MAPCIs Innovations Director Sten Minör got the opportunity, together with a delegation from the University of Lund and The Faculty of Engineering, to go and visit Silicon Valley. The purpose of the trip was to take advantage of and gain knowledge around how The Faculty of Engineering work with research, innovation, and development in their region. The delegation included Per Eriksson (Principal at the University of Lund), Anders Axelsson (Principal at The Faculty of Engineering), and a number of representatives from various faculties at the university. 

During the days that visited Silicon Valley the delegation attended Stanford University, Berkley, and Google to see how they have developed their innovative environments, but also receive presentations on how the different organizations involves innovation in their work to stay in the forefront. Google presented its program for supporting education using Information Technology in the future. 

In addition to also got the opportunity to present MAPCI, Lund University and Max IV, and the work we do at an event that was organized by Invest in Skåne. At this event, there were representatives from Industry and Academia in Silicon Valley, The event gave many new contacts and opportunities for future collaboration between the two regions.