Boards and committees

There are a number of boards and councils at LTH that have overall strategic responsibility for the development of programmes within respective areas.

Management group for undergraduate education
The Group is responsible for and makes decisions on common training issues such as strategic plans, quality-enhancing measures, programme structure and financial allocation for education.

The Research Board
The research board has the overall strategic responsibility for promoting and developing research at LTH with regard to strategic goals set by the LTH board.  

Postgraduate Education Committee
The Postgraduate Education Committee makes decisions on common educational issues at postgraduate level and quality-enhancing measures.

LTH Business Council
The LTH Business Council is a forum with the purpose of working for increased interaction at a strategic level in research and education between LTH, businesses and other organisations.

HYY Board
The HYY board is tasked with providing advice and support in matters relating to premises (interior design, equipment and rebuilding) and the outdoor environment for LTH, as well as being an investigative body for the Dean of LTH.

The chair of the board is the Dean of LTH or other member of LTH management (Deputy Dean or Vice Dean) appointed by the Dean of LTH. The Working Environment Coordinator, as well as a representative from each LU-Service and LU Building, is always an adjunct to the committee. The infrastructure manager at the LTH Registry is always adjunct as an expert and responsible administrative officer.

Teacher Appointment Committees
There are two teacher appointment committees at LTH: one for recruitment - the LTH Recruitment Committee - and one for careers matters - the LTH Careers Committee. The Recruitment Committee prepares matters relating to the recruitment of teachers and the Careers Committee prepares matters relating to promotion to Professor/Senior lecturer and examinations for PhD and ETP (Excellent Teaching Practitioner).

The Library Committee
The task of the Library Committee is to work with, provide advice and support on matters relating to the activities of th library and the selection of information resources.

Management Team for JäLM
The Management team for JäLM is tasked with working with, advising and supporting issues that are related to gender equality, equal treatment and diversity amongst students and employees at LTH.

Local Security Committee
The Local Security Committee is a cooperation between the employer and the employees – primarily the Chief Security Officer – in matters relating to the planning, implementation and follow-up of the systematic work environment work within the faculty.

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