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Courses in Engineering

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Create your study plan

A study plan is the set-up of courses that the student put together for the semester. Creating a study plan helps you organise your exchange period and plan the learning outcomes of your studies at LTH. 

How to create your study plan

Step #1 – Select an engineering program from the list above.

Step #2 – Select a suitable specialization.

Step #3 – Find out which courses are suitable for you. Please check:

Step #4 – Make sure to review the course syllabus as well as course prerequisites before setting up your study plan.

Step #5 – Use the Schedule generator to create your schedule and see whether two or more of the courses you have chosen have teaching scheduled at the same time.

Tips to create a great study plan:

  • Read the course syllabus to see if you meet the required prerequisites for the course
  • LTH offers a wide range of courses to exchange students, but we recommend that you create your study plan starting from a specialisation of one of LTH’s programmes to avoid course clashes.