Research support

LTH libraries offer research support services to research staff and PhD students at the Faculty of Engineering - diffrent kinds of support services, such as information research, publishing support, reference management. We are also arranging researchers seminar and the PhD course Scientific Information Management 

Support services at specific libraries

Following specific support services are provided by library staff at Library of Architecture and Design, Library of E-huset, Civil Engineering Library and Library of Study Centre (M-building): 

Information research

Information research on consultancy basis

We provide information research on different subjects or projects on a consultancy basis. It could be a search for background information in a funding application, a search for references for a literature review, a search for information in a project start. Our work process is the following: we analyze your information needs, select the appropriate information sources, prepare a search strategy, perform the information searches, and finally compose the search results to a report.

Support in information research

We provide support to you in how to search for information on your own. First we analyze your information needs, and then we select relevant information sources and suggest a search strategy for you. You test and evaluate the proposed search strategy, and may get further help to modify it according to your preferences.

News monitoring and current awareness

We help to set-up profiles for news monitoring and current awareness according to your subject areas. We analyze your information needs and your preferences for the news frequency. Examples of news monitoring are e-mail alerts and RSS-feeds.

Information management 

We provide support and advice in how to organize your internal information – both on your personal level and according to your organization, department or research group. It could be help to set-up a reference library or another system for capturing external information. We analyze your information needs and which types of information you use, and then give recommendations on systems and routines. In particular, we may give advice on how to use a reference library as a tool for news monitoring. We give support on the reference management tools, EndNote and RefWorks, which are part of the university licenses.

Training and seminars

We offer training and seminars within the fields of information research and scientific communication. There is the regular program of Researchers seminar each semester. There is also the course Scientific Information Management, which is a regular PhD-course. Furthermore we may provide training and seminars according to your preferences.

Researchers seminar
Scientific Information Management

Publishing support

We provide support when you are about to publish your research results. You can get advice on the choice of publishing channel, advice on copyright matters etc. We also give support on the registration process in LUCRIS.



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