LTH students win 1st prize in International Architecture competition in Rome

Finding affordable housing in today's urbanised cities is a challenge, which is why the "Rome collective living challenge" sought out to find solutions from architects all over the world. Karin Frykholm, Lisa Fransson and Rron Bexheti from LTH, Sweden won the 1st prize for their model.

– Publicerad den 26 August 2019

The participants were tasked with designing a concept for affordable co-living. Instead of considering ways to construct thousands of new, individual apartments in Rome, this competition focused on housing solutions that might offer both affordability and community.

This is the jury's motivation for the 1st prize winners from LTH: 

“Vito del Muro - Co-inhabiting the Aurelian Wall” targets Rome’s 19km-long, 3rd-century defensive fortification as a generator of future housing stock for the city. The project focuses on demonstrating that the wall has not only resilience, but also serves to be permanently useful for Rome’s greater good. The submission offers a simply-constructed unit design that might be implemented along the intact portions of the historic structure. Adapting to the linear form of the wall, residential units are placed side-by-side and connected by a communal living space. The jury wonders, however, how many units can the intact portions of the wall feasibly support, and is this enough to begin to solve Rome’s housing crisis?

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