Dean's blog: "Striking a blow for physical meetings!"

If the landlord Akademiska Hus does not push for the development of the physical environments, higher education institutions will be ruined, either because of the decline in student numbers or financial collapse due to unreasonably high rents, writes Viktor Öwall, dean of LTH.

– Publicerad den 1 October 2020

The LTH campus, with Klas Anshelm’s distinctive architecture, has more potential, writes Viktor Öwall. Photo: Kennet Ruona

What then would be LTH’s and Swedish universities’ unique selling point? The physical surroundings and personal meetings!

Therefore, the physical environments must be developed so that they become considerably more attractive than is often the case at present and this applies both indoors and outdoors. It is high time that Akademiska Hus took a greater responsibility for the University’s physical environments being designed so that they attract students, researchers and staff – and support external engagement with society.

Dean's blog post "Striking a blow for physical meetings!"