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"We’re going to set fire to two trains. Then we’ll blow them up", says Daniel Nilsson. He is an associate senior lecturer in the Division of Fire Engineering and Risk Management at LTH and is working on a project to...[more]


Every time a car brakes, energy is generated. At present this energy is not used, but new research shows that it is perfectly possible to save it for later use in the form of compressed air. It can then provide extra power to the...[more]


In September a major anniversary will be celebrated in Lund. LTH will have been in existence for 50 years and this must be celebrated. At the centre of the celebrations is a person who has experienced all these years at close...[more]


The deadline for applications to international Master’s programmes in Sweden starting in autumn 2011 was 17 January. In total 25 094 international students applied to universities in Sweden, and Lund University received 9 100 of...[more]


The PhD Student Section, in collaboration with LTH, runs a mentorship program for PhD students at LTH, called PLUME. The program ran for the first time last year and is now open for applications from those who want to participate...[more]


AstraZeneca is selling its research facilities in Lund to a foundation. The foundation has been founded by Mats Paulsson and is to support Region Skåne and Lund University, with the aim of establishing a new centre for research,...[more]

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