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Welcome to an exciting afternoon where you can take part of the Lise Meitner professors’ fascinating research – and enjoy a panel discus­sion about the LTH-culture we want to create for our researchers.We end the day with mingle...[more]


Opportunities, risks, ethical considerations. It is exciting to be at LTH and be involved in work together for digitalisation that benefits people, writes Viktor Öwall, dean of LTH.[more]


A part of Paul Gauguin's painting.

Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? "We at LTH are an important force in improving people’s lives, and through our dreams and our hard work we can have an impact on where we are headed”, writes Viktor...[more]


A new career development program initiated and funded by LTH will start in Spring 2019! It’s dedicated towards Associate Senior Lecturers (in Swedish: BUL, Biträdande Universitetslektorer) at LTH.  It is called LTH...[more]


At lunchtime on Wednesday, an explosion occurred in a compressor in an operations room at the Enoch Thulin Laboratory in the Fysicum building. The area was sealed off and staff and students in adjacent buildings were evacuated....[more]


Every year, traffic accidents account for more than 1.3 million deaths worldwide. In an effort to reduce this figure, Lund University offers international courses in road safety management for professionals. In August this year,...[more]


What can you film in in less than 0.000000000001 seconds? Elias Kristensson, a researcher at the Department of Physics LTH who develops laser imaging techniques for extremely fast filming, has been awarded a prestigious grant...[more]


Both Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degrees at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University have been labelled as “success stories” by the European Commission. The Master’s programme in Fire Safety Engineering (IMFSE) already...[more]


Researchers at Lund University working in collaboration with Swedish Biomimetics 3000 have developed a new technique that more efficiently removes harmful oxides of nitrogen, NOx, from the exhaust of diesel engines. The new...[more]


Welcome to the Spring Exhibition 2018 at the School of architecture! [more]


24 May: Welcome to a lecture with LTH Honorary Doctor Professor Chris Palmstrøm![more]


You are welcome to join the Sustainability Week, a theme week focusing on solving the global sustainability development goals. In 2018 the Sustainability Week will be held April 23-28. This year, one of the main topics is our...[more]


LTH researchers are advancing towards high-efficient computers, using nanoscale biomolecules. They have now announced an idea competition that is open for all.[more]


Karin Lindkvist (Photo: Tove Smeds)

The Novo Nordisk Foundation recently made the announcement to grant DKK 225 million to Lund University for the construction and operation of MicroMAX, a new beamline for the MAX IV research facility in Lund, Sweden. The beamline...[more]


An opportunity to gather and get to know new colleagues, and to enjoy the games when some of Europe’s top handball teams visit Lund. All Lund University employees are invited to three EHF Cup games.[more]


Researcher Jesper Wallentin at the Department of Physics at Lund University in Sweden has received a grant of approximately SEK 15 million for a research project on the ability of nanowires to act as detectors for X-ray...[more]


Sunday 28 January 2018 will mark the end of Lund University’s 350th anniversary celebrations, exactly 350 years since the University’s inauguration. The event will be a kick-off for the future, full of activities, music, solemn...[more]


Lund University is the first and only university in Sweden to give these career courses for PostDocs and PhD students. There is still time to sign up![more]


Using data from over a billion stars, a research team at Lund University in Sweden are developing an interactive 3D model of the Milky Way galaxy. This could enable new types of discoveries that aren’t possible with current tools...[more]


A super-efficient quantum computer – one of the hopes associated with the quantum technology investment. Connecting many quantum bits is relatively easy, but controlling quantum states and errors is challenging. Photo: Johan Bodell/Chalmers.

Developments in quantum technology and artificial intelligence, AI, are predicted to transform research, as well as business and society as a whole. The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation is awarding a total of SEK 1.6 billion...[more]

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