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2010-09-15: Industrial collaboration in Experimental Robotics and Flexible Software System

Tid: 2010-09-15 09.00

Plats: LTH, M-huset, IP2 (plan 2 intill robotlabbet)

Speaker: Klas Nilsson

LTH Productive robotics lab interacts with industry locally and globally. Earlier projects like SMErobot has given valuable results, and demonstrated the importance of full-scale experimental verification in close collaboration with industry.

Our robots are now being moved into a new lab in the M-building, where comprehensive and effective activities links LTH departments and forms the basis for a continued close collaboration with ABB Robotics. In the coming months, research results and a new type of robot will be presented as part the Rosetta project (, which is coordinated ABB Corporate Research.

Robotic systems are examples of real-time systems for which there is great demand for flexibility (in programming and configurability), making research relevant to several other types of long-term product development.


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