Humans have been around since about 5-7 million years. Before we settled as farmers some 200 generations ago, we lived as hunter gatherers for 200 000 generations. Since about three generations, we have chosen to base our everyday life on linear global resource flows.

The whole “modern project” is based on embracing productivity as the main goal for human activity. It is deeply embedded in the human mind to always try to make things with less effort and cheaper, but what is the real cost for this strategy?

However useful some products are, and how integrated they may be in our daily life, we cannot run linear systems in a finite world without sooner or later running into problems.

Is it possible to live without some of the systems and products that we have become used to and still have a good life?

Can we find good concepts that can help in the transition from today’s linear living arrangement to a cyclic way of existing on this planet?