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“Rebottle” is a new packaging system serving our everyday drinks. Using only one kind of bottle makes the logistic system behind much easier than today’s system with lots of different beverage packaging. The squares shape of the bottle saves 30 % of space compared to today’s round bottles. Four sides offer lots of possibilities for labeling juice, beer, milk, water or soft drinks.

Glass seems to be a good material for that container. It is easy to produce and recycle, resists the acid of juice, is airtight and doesn´t release chemicals to its content, making it a much better material than for example plastic, liquid packaging carton or aluminum. Glass is used for the bottle and the lid is an approved system of the brand “Vinolok”. The wooden crate contains 8 bottles of 1 liter.

The system is completed by a simple wooden crate. It contains up to 8 bottles of 1 litre.

Friedemann Richter
+49 176 56653656