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Lighten your book by using the white side
Acquire a shade by using the wood side

Plenty of electric power is wasted on a daily basis. Addressing this issue, I came up with one idea to reduce the power used on lighting in a simple way. This light reflecting partition could be used to reflect daylight or electric light reducing the need for electric light. The inspiration came from the reflector used in photography. The shining fabric could brighten the shadow, making the light symmetrical on the photo.

The light reflecting partition has two sizes. The small one is for using on the desk and the big one is for using in a room, standing on the floor. It has two sides: one is white with a rough surface and the other is original wood with smooth surface. We can shape the partition to a curve so as to stand on a flat surface. When using the white side it will reflect the light either from lamp or sunlight to lighten the surroundings. Diffuse reflection is used that the reflected light will not be dazzling. When using the wood side it provides a shade in the case of that we need some private room for such as a nap or that the computer screen seems relatively unclear under the sunshine.

Light Reflecting Partition
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