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MSc degree project presentation by Lars Brander and Roberts Bitenieks

Tid: 2023-06-13 10:30 till 12:00 Seminarium

Sensorless Field-oriented control and position estimation
Reducing the reliance on rare earth metals as well as costs are big incentives for the automotive supplier BorgWarner Sweden AB. One possible solution is to use fewer physical sensors. This project aims to implement a Sensorless FOC solution to BorgWarner’s in-house developed and produced BLDC motor. Currently, a neodymium magnet combined with a magnetic angle sensor is used to determine the rotor position. However, our goal is to eliminate the need of this setup. Through this master thesis, we explore the possibilities of estimating the rotor position of the BLDC motor at standstill and high speeds, up to 400 rad/s. We implemented two methods for this purpose. A method called high-frequency injection at standstill and low speeds, and magnetic flux-based method at medium and high speeds. It was found that both methods could successfully extract the rotor position. However the high-frequency method performed poorly under load, while the magnetic flux based motor control method outperformed the sensored FOC under load conditions. Join us for our presentation to witness how BorgWarner is driving innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry.
The work has been carried out at BorgWarner Sweden AB in Landskrona.
Supervisors: Mats Alaküla, IEA, Meike Rönn, BorgWarner Sweden AB, Arne Hörberg, BorgWarner Sweden AB
Examiner: Fran Marquez, IEA

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Tid: 2023-06-13 10:30 till 12:00


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