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MSc degree project presentation by David Pålsson and Samuel Henley

Tid: 2023-01-31 10:30 till 11:30 Seminarium

Designing an Electric Road System

- A study on power demand, peak shaving and emergency backup



Electric road systems (ERS) provide electric power to vehicles en route (dynamic
charging) and can reduce the need for onboard battery capacity. This thesis sets
out to examine the power demand of an ERS and the integration of energy storage
 in its power supply for grid load alleviation and backup power. Specifically,
the analysis is based on the ongoing project to build a permanent ERS on a 21
km section of highway E20 between Hallsberg and Örebro, Sweden. Power
demand is calculated as a function of hourly traffic flow during a heavily trafficked
day and vehicle energy consumption over the distance. An energy storage system
 (ESS) for leveling peak power demand (peak shaving) is dimensioned as a
function of power demand and some set grid power limits. It is assumed that the
vehicles in need of emergency backup can be represented as a share of the traffic

Conclusively, the power demand varies significantly in both time and space. The
peak power demand from the ERS is 15 MWh/h when all trucks are assumed to
use the system and 36 MWh/h when all cars are included too. Cars have a very
distinct peak during the afternoon, whereas trucks have a more even demand
throughout the day. ESS can make the most difference when intense but short
peaks are present, making it appear most suitable when cars are included as ERS
users. The suggested ESS capacities for peak shaving (6-45 MWh) can also be used
to sustain critical transport 1-12 days, where the number of days depends on what
share of the traffic is considered critical. Finally, only vehicles driving further
than the range of the onboard battery are likely to need the ERS. A sensitivity
analysis is done to estimate what power demand can be expected in both the
short and long term.


Industry partner: Elonroad
Main supervisor: Mats Alaküla
Assistant supervisors: Olof Samuelsson, Jonas Johansson
Examiner: Johan Björnstedt

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Tid: 2023-01-31 10:30 till 11:30


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