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Haorui Peng tames the cloud


Haorui Peng

Title of thesis: Taming Cloud Integrated Systems in the Wild.

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Defence: Friday 2023-12-08, 09:15, Lecture Hall E:1406, building E, Ole Römers väg 3.

Describe your research in a popular science way

In the era of digital transformation, the cloud has evolved from a mere atmospheric phenomenon to a revolutionary technology reshaping our daily lives. Acting as a shared repository of computing power, the cloud operates on a "pay-as-you-go" model, akin to a communal library for computers, offering accessibility to sophisticated software and substantial data storage without the need for extensive hardware ownership.

While widely used, the cloud's integration isn't seamless, often resulting in less-than-optimal user experiences—lagging Google Docs or delayed responses in Xbox Cloud Gaming are familiar instances. My research delves into the intersection of cloud technology and complex industrial systems, focusing on Cloud RAN and Cloud Control Systems. These innovations transfer computational tasks from traditional setups to the cloud, promising efficiency but also introducing challenges.

The critical question my research tackles is twofold: Can we effectively integrate industrial systems with the cloud, and how can we optimize these integrations, acknowledging the inherent imperfections in cloud and network communications?

Identifying the shared nature of the cloud and latency as primary challenges, I steer away from the conventional approach of speeding up the cloud or networks, which often lies beyond our control. Instead, my work concentrates on adapting our systems to thrive within these limitations. The goal is to ensure that, despite the imperfections in the cloud and network, our cloud integrated systems operate as efficiently as possible, emphasizing optimization from the system's perspective.

What is the most fascinating or interesting with your thesis subject?

The cloud, with its seamless software consumption and deployment capabilities, is inherently intriguing. Yet, the “unknown” aspects of the cloud and intermediary networks present a significant hurdle for traditional industries. Integrating the cloud into an industrial system goes beyond a simple addition; it necessitates a paradigm shift in system perspective and deployment strategies, accompanied by the nuanced handling of novel challenges introduced by the cloud. Each system reacts uniquely to this integration, influenced by a myriad of interacting factors. Despite the complexities, I firmly believe in the inevitable shift of industries towards cloud integration, and my thesis subject aims to serve as a bridge, facilitating this transformative journey.

Do you believe some results from your research will be applied in practice eventually? And if so, how / how?

Yes, I am confident that my research holds practical applicability. While it might not involve a direct implementation of the frameworks I developed into an existing system, I believe my work introduces a novel approach to thinking, analyzing, and implementing cloud integration in industrial systems. I do believe that this perspective is valuable and has the potential to significantly contribute to ongoing industrial digital transformations.

What are your plans?

I plan to continue my career within my current department as a research engineer, with a primary focus on developing network and application infrastructures for the next generation of communication systems. Additionally, I will continue my exploration into the integration of cloud technologies with these systems.